San Antonio Digital Custom T Shirt Printing

Digital Custom T Shirt Printing

Direct to Garment Printing (aka DTG printing or Digital T-Shirt printing) is the latest method of printing on t-shirts, fleece, and most types of fabric using dedicated inkjet technology. DTG printing utilizes highly specialized, water-based inks that print directly into the fiber of whatever fabric is being printed. Our three state-of-the-art Brother GT782 printers are capable of printing to any color fabric by printing a white under-base when needed (similar to conventional screen-printing) before printing in a 4-color-process format. A white under-base is not required on white fabric as well as some lighter color fabrics.

DTG printing offers many advantages over screen-printing including live pre-production computer previews as well as the ability to print intricately detailed images either as a one-off sample or in volume. This approach to printing offers our clients a very cost-effective method of printing any quantity. It also carries a huge advantage over screen-printing as far as setup charges are concerned. There are no color separations, films, or screens needed for DTG printing thus reducing pre-production charges to next to nothing. This represents a huge upfront cost saving to you. More on this website

What makes us better?

We were the earliest adapters to the Direct to Garment Printing arena and over the past 10 years, we have developed several proprietary techniques and methods allowing us to print magazine-quality prints to any color fabric with ultra high resolution, incredible detail, vibrant colors, and a soft hand.

The Director of our digital department has spent hundreds of hours over tens of thousands of prints perfecting his technique and is very passionate about his work and the impact that it has on our clients. This experience has enabled us to avoid many common pitfalls and mistakes when it comes to dealing with complicated images. This represents cost savings to our clients as it avoids wasteful and time-consuming experimentation.

Dedication and passion
Attention to detail
Customer Service.

These are the hallmarks of our 10-year involvement with DTG printing.

What makes us different?

Our extensive experience and proprietary processes, setups, and printing techniques have all contributed to our industry-leading reputation.

Our prints have served as examples of what is possible with this technology. To exemplify this point, on numerous occasions the Brother Corporation has sent their research and development teams to our shop to observe their DTG printers in a real-world setting, but most important to see how our unique set-ups and processes are extending the quality capabilities of these printers, impressing the technicians that developed them and prompting them to ask us about our methods. The answer as to how do we achieve these extraordinary results?


Digital T-Shirt Printing or Screenprinting?

People often ask if Direct to Garment Printing printing will ever completely replace conventional screen printing. In my opinion that does not seem likely in the foreseeable future. Instead, DTG printing will stand alongside screen printing as a valuable and viable option for those clients and those projects that require this unique style of printing.

Our ongoing involvement with Direct to Garment Printing printing will continue giving us the opportunity to impress artists, advertising agencies, brand managers, museums, and a wide spectrum of clients with our ability to offer extraordinary quality, custom services, and professional accounts management.

Let us amaze you as well!

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